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Our drainage pipes were blocked with tree roots. We contacted two companies before settling for Pro Plumber. Why? Because they were the only one who didn’t ask for ridiculous prices! At a very reasonable cost, the guys at Pro Plumber did the job in the most amazing way and even cleaned up the mess without so much as uttering a word. Couldn’t have asked for a better service, seriously. Hats off to these guys!

Michael Peyton, Surry Hills

I would like to thank Pro Plumber for their excellent service while installing the new hot water tank at my house. What set these men apart from the other plumber companies that I have engaged in the past, is the quick and impressive quality of service they provided. Everything went down brilliantly and they even cleaned up pretty good after the job was finished!

James Dalton, Glebe

There was a gas leak in the water heater at our house today and frankly, it caused a bit of frenzy in the family. My sister gave me the number for Pro Plumbers and in exactly 30 minutes, two guys from the company were knocking at our door! Another 10 minutes and the problem was fixed without them so much as breaking a sweat or making any unnecessary fuss. I loved their no nonsense and completely professional attitude. This is how I like my job done.

Ron Sutter, Manly

Definitely one of the most pleasing and brilliant plumbers around. As a regular customer for the last two years, I would highly recommend Pro Plumber for any drainage needs. They offer great expertise and come at a very reasonable price.

Jackie Stout, Northern Beaches

Amazing work installing my new gas hot water system mates. It was a very clean, professional and utterly pleasing job that you all accomplished. Excellent rates too. Definitely going to hire again in future!

David Weisenberg, North Sydney

“Our store had become a complete mess because of the flooding in the bathroom and to our relief, the Pro Plumbers took care of it in the swiftest and cleanest manner. The guys were super friendly and very polite. Rarely do you find such good manners and professionalism all in one place. Highly recommended.”

Warren Toll, Hills District

These guys have been our preferred plumbing company for more than a year now and for good reasons. We cannot stress about the quality of service they provide and the extremely affordable price tag they carry. We hired them first for relocating our gas meters and were simply blown by their in-depth knowledge and sheer expertise! They have been a regular for us since then. We even consulted them while renovating our bathroom a week back and needless to say, they came up with some very hand ideas that saved more than a few bucks for us!”

Jerry & Melissa D, St George

Twice have we called these plumbers and on both occasions they have delivered perfect results while displaying utter professionalism! The first time was when we had a completely blocked drain pipe and we already had another plumber company refuse to clean it up. The guys at Pro Plumber came through at that time and did a prompt and thorough job for us. The second time was just yesterday when they fixed up a very troublesome leaky waste stack that was ruining our wall and flooring, in the most efficient way we have ever seen! Awesome job!!

Cheryl Spur, Inner West

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